Flowers From The Fields

John Gabriel Faustino

21 minutes, 55 seconds

Flowers from the Fields is a 15-minute documentary that follows the life of 5 half-Filipino, half-foreign children: Hanna, Waltker, Inah and the brothers Marius and Daniel, as they grow and dwell in the titular Fields, a nickname given to the infamous Walking Street District of Angeles City, Pampanga.

Although they wish to live their childhood days in a carefree manner, they suffer silently as victims of the life they were borne of as they are subject to the absence of a parent, the discrimination of their peers, the judgmental eyes of their neighbours and a life they did not choose. Before them unfolds a truth that continuously plagues the Filipino society; a truth that we still can not dare to face and change. Which begs the question: when will we?

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