Teatro ng Pagtangis

Glenn Atanacio

16 minutes, 38 seconds

A former drug user turned priest is caught in the crossfire of death and desperate survival when he intercedes for widows and orphans left behind by Duterte’s drug war.

Father Flavie Villanueva has joined the Catholic church after being saved from drug addiction. But his missionary work is interrupted when he meets women like Nanette Castillo, whose son was killed after being tagged as a drug addict. He gives them food and legal assistance, but they are too afraid and traumatized to even write their stories on legal documents. He enlists them in a theater workshop to help them recover from their harrowing stories. But is there deliverance for people whom President Duterte has labelled as less than human? Can Father Villanueva bequeath his story of redemption with women whom society has turned their backs on?

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